Trapped In The Trunk: Freeing Yourself From Vehicular Kidnapping

Many people live in fear of being kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk; instead of living your life paralyzed by this fear, keep reading to learn how proactive victims have freed themselves from this unfortunate situation in the past.

One of the best things you can do after being placed in a trunk is find your cell phone. Assuming that your captor has not confiscated the device, use it to text or Facebook message someone who can help you; speaking into the phone could cause your captor to hear you and take your phone, so text-based messages are often the best. Tell a friend or loved one where you were when you were kidnapped, and a description of the captor, if possible.

Those caught without a phone should wait until the car stops and they hear the captor get out of the vehicle; once this occurs, feel free to start exploring the wall of the trunk that is against the backseat of the car. Often, victims will find a latch or simply be able to push the car seat forward to escape from the trunk.

The most important thing to do if kidnapped is to remember to stay calm and use your brain. Want to know more? Go ahead: Exclusive: N. Miami Crime Trend Sees Robbery Victims Locked In Own Trunks

Practical Safety Tips For Smart, Single Women

Being safe as a single woman out on the town for a night doesn't mean you can't have fun, it just means you have to be smart about where you go and what you do.

The first practical safety tip is to never go out alone. If you are going to a bar or a party, go with at least one friend or, preferably, a group of friends.

If you are going out on a blind date or a first date with someone, make sure friends or relatives know where you will be and when you are expected to be home.Additional information can be found at

When you are out at a party or a bar, there are some safety tips you need to follow.

Never let someone you don't know give you a drink. If you want to let someone buy you a drink, watch the bartender prepare it and pick up the drink yourself. Also, never leave your drink unattended. Always finish a drink before heading out to dance or going to the restroom.

The cardinal safety rule is never to go somewhere with someone you just met. Don't go to his apartment or accept a ride back to yours. If you want to go somewhere with the person, drive yourself or take a cab.

Choosing The Best Home Security System For Your Family

Home security systems can give you and your family peace of mind. Choose a home security provider by searching online. Most security companies will give you a monthly price that includes everything you need to protect your home. The monthly costs are low and the benefit is high. Choose a security company that has a good reputation in your neighborhood. Ask friends, neighbors and coworkers for home security provider referrals. Don't enter into a long-term agreement with a security company you have never heard about. You will be able to choose additional security devices such as door and window sensors.Get more information here.

Choose the security equipment that fits your needs. Keep in mind that adding a variety of additional devices will improve your home security level. There are wired and wireless security systems available. A wireless system with IP cameras will allow you to monitor your home through any electronic device connected to the Internet. This is a convenient feature, especially if you travel a lot. Teach your kids how to enable your security system. If they are old enough to stay home alone, they should always keep the alarm on while at home. Make sure they know not to open the door to strangers.

Precautions To Prevent Personal Theft As You Travel Abroad

Tourists can take a number of pro-active steps to prevent theft while on vacation. Tourists are especially targeted by pickpockets in large European cities. Here are a few tips to prevent thefts while traveling abroad.

Buy a Money Belt

Purchase a good, high-quality money belt and wear it. A money belt pouch should fit snugly against your body. Wear it so that the pouch is tucked into your waistband. Your money, passport and credit cards should go in the pouch. Be discrete when accessing your money pouch. Don't advertise to the world where it is. Hang onto the pouch when accessing your money. Pickpockets will try running past you and snatch the money pouch.

Hotel Safe

Many hotels offer storage for valuables in the safe. Use it. You don't need to carry thousands of dollars or wear your best jewelry.

Dumped Pop

If a stranger dumps pop on your shirt and he offers to help clean you up, walk away. This is a trick to get at your wallet or purse. While you're distracted cleaning up the mess, another pickpocket will be going through your purse or snatching your wallet from a pocket. Always wear your wallet in a money pouch or the front trouser pocket.

The Top Ten Self-Defense Maneuvers Everyone Should Learn

It is more important than ever to be able to protect yourself from violent attackers. Here are ten self-defense maneuvers that will halt an assailant.

Eye Gouge
This move will strike the attacker at one of the most sensitive areas of the human body.

Groin Kick
Any man will tell you of the excruciating pain that this technique will cause.

If performed correctly, you will hurt the attacker more than yourself.

Palm Strike to Chin
The purpose of this move is to catch the perpetrator off guard.

Knee Kick
A powerful kick to the knee can give you enough time to run to safety.

Testicle Twist
Have your attacker screaming for mercy as you twist this vulnerable body part.

Rear Choke Hold
If you can gain an advantage, then you should seek to grab the neck area of the assailant

Wrist Grab Release
The ultimate goal of this maneuver is to keep the attacker from grabbing a hold of you.

Key Slash
Your house or car keys can come in handy when fighting off a criminal. Simply reach for their face to inflict pain.

Walk Confidently
Attackers usually target whomever appears to be weak .

Ten Self-Defense Items That Fit In Any Woman’s Purse

If you have a concealed weapon license, you can keep a small firearm in your purse. You should also have pepper spray in case you need it. Don't go to the shopping mall alone when you can go with a friend or family member. If someone is following you in your car, drive to a public place. There are a variety of safety tips you should follow to avoid becoming a victim of crime. You can learn how to protect yourself by taking self-defense classes. Look for these classes at your local community college or parks and recreation department.Get more information here.

Self-defense classes are the best way to prepare you for the unexpected. This will also give you more self-confidence should you be confronted by a stranger intending to harm you. Your instructor will teach you moves that can save your life. Of course, if the stranger has a gun, you may or may not decide to fight back. Avoid going places alone at night. The shopping mall is a popular place where crimes often happen. Criminals are looking for easy targets who are not aware of their surroundings. Avoid texting or talking on the cellphone when traveling alone to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.